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EXCLUSIVE: Four Romanian fugitives remanded in custody after being arrested in UK - now facing extra

FOUR Romanian alleged fugitives have been arrested in the UK and are now facing extradition proceedings after being remanded in custody.

The four appeared before Westminster Magisyrates' Court on Saturday.

Among them was Constantin Ciprian Ciuraru, 30, (pictured above) of an unknown address, who was arrested in Kent.

He is wanted in Poland on a theft charge he has been convicted of.

Ciuraru was refused bail with a record of the court case saying this was because he is "likely to abscond" and due to the "nature and seriousness of offence, his lack of community ties in UK," and "the sentence to serve."

WANTED: Mariana Calimache pictured in a Romanian Police appeal

It said this was also because he is of no fixed abode and can provide no security money.

Constantin Daniel Floresciu, 36, also appeared in the court and was refused bail.

He is wanted in Romania to serve a six year sentence after being convicted of agrravated theft.

He was found living in May Street, Coventry, and arrested.

Also in court was Mariana Calimache, 59, who is wanted in Romania to serve a lengthy sentence for tax evasion.

She was found to be living in Maybank Avenue, Hornchurch, east London, before her arrest.

The cases were adjourned for further hearings later this year.

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