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Polish man facing jail after admitting attacking police man in Soho yesterday

A POLISH man today admitted an attack on a police officer that happened yesterday.

Kamil Czerwinski, 33, from Durban Road, Tottenham, north London, was brought before Westminster Magistrates' Court.

He admitted to one count of assault against an emergency worker, Met Police officer Connor Vale, which happened yesterday in Frith Street (pictured), in Soho, central London.

He also admitted to one count of obstructing the same police officer.

Czerwinski was remanded in custody ahead of his sentence.

A bail application was refused as the court heard Czerwinski was on bail for similar offences when he attacked Mr Vale, he is likely to abscond and there are concerns about the address he gave the court.

A pre-sentence report is being prepared and Czerwinski was told to expect a prison sentence.

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