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EXCLUSIVE: Met Police probe after cop gloats about locking people up with new coronavirus 'lockd

THE Met Police is investigating after one of its officers used Twitter to announce their delight at the new Coronavirus "lockdown" powers.

The unnamed officer, based in Waltham Forest, east London, used the MPSCannHall Twitter account to toy with the public about the new emergency legislation designed to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The unnamed officer tweeted (pictured above) on Tuesday, the second day of the lockdown: "Some of us nerdy cops feel like kids at Christmas when there's new legislation.

"So what powers of detention do I now have under the Public Health (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020?"

APOLOGY: The Met removed the tweet and said it was investigating

The tweet was removed after a public backlash followed by an apology, saying: "We apologise for the content and lack of sensitivity used. "An internal investigation will be conducted and the officer has been spoken with." Police have been criticised for over zealous enforcement of the draconian measures with Derbyshire officers slammed for dyeing a "blue lagoon" black to discourage visitors.

The force justified the move, saying gatherings at Harpur Hill, Buxton, were "dangerous" and are "in contravention" of the lockdown.

The same force was branded Orwellian after using a drone to spy on lone walkers in the Peak District, before shaming them on social media.

People in Neath, South Wales, had the bizarre sight of a drone hovering above ordering people back into their homes.

TWO'S COMPANY: These officers were not two metres apart

But, police themselves have been criticised for flouting social distancing.

Former Met Police detective Peter Bleksley was among those to pull up officers on patrol during lockdown for being too close together.

Images of beat officers side by side were posted on police Twitter pages that were at the same time warning the public of the importance of complying with all aspects of the new legislation. Police in the Lea Valley, in London, tweeted a picture of two officers walking side by side on Tuesday, with reactions that they "appeared to be flouting social distancing guidelines."

CLOSE-UP: Two Merseyside officers get snapped shoulder to shoulder

Police in Merseyside posted a snap of two officers delivering food to the vulnerable shoulder to shoulder in the sunshine. A Met Police spokeswoman said: "We continue to remind officers of government guidelines regarding social distancing to keep two metres apart where operationally possible."

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