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UK'S MOST WANTED: Double murder suspect has evaded capture for 13 years

MOST WANTED: Kevin Parle (left) and computer image showing how he might look now (NCA)

THIS is the face of Britain's latest 'most wanted' fugitive following the capture of murder suspect Shane O'Brien who was caught after an international manhunt of more than three years.

O'Brien, 31, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court on April 6 after being extradited from Romania after he was captured in Cluj-Napoca on March 23 and was remanded in custody.

He was charged with the murder of Josh Hanson, 21, from Kingsbury, north-west London, who died at RE Bar in Hillingdon, west London, in October 2015 after being stabbed in the neck.

CAPTURED: Shane O'Brien after his arrest last month (Romanian Police)

O'Brien's capture means 6ft 6inch Kevin Parle is now the most high profile wanted person as police want to speak to him in connection with two separate murders that took place 14 months apart in 2004 and 2005 and remains at large.

Stocky and "highly dangerous" Parle, who is also known by the nickname Hemp, is wanted in connection with the death of Lucy Hargreaves, 22, who was shot dead on a sofa after three men burst into her home in Walton, Liverpool, on August 3 2005.

The living room and hall were then set on fire with petrol.

The privately-educated fugitive has been on the run for more than 13 years.

MURDERED: Lucy Hargreaves' killer is still at large (Merseyside Police)

It is believed Lucy's partner Gary Campbell, was the intended target, but he escaped the flames by jumping from upstairs with his daughter.

No one has been convicted over the murder.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) also wants Parle, now 39, and also known as Joseph Kenneth Parle, in connection with the murder of 16-year-old Liam Kelly in the early hours of June 19 2004 in Dingle, Merseyside.

Police believe the teenager was approached by two men from different directions, both armed with guns.

Although he tried to run and get into a house, he was shot in the chest and arm and died at the scene from a chest injury.

KILLED: Parle is wanted for questioning over the murder of Liam Kelly (Merseyside Police)

Three other people have been convicted over the Killing, but it is suspected Parle was involved.

Detective Chief Inspector, Mark Baker said: "Lucy’s murder remains one of the most brutal crimes we have ever seen on Merseyside.

"That night, after Lucy was shot, the offender poured petrol around the living room and hallway, before setting fire to the house.

"We believe the offenders would have been in no doubt they were killing a young woman.

“I know over the years people move away and loyalties change and I would call on those people to now come forward."

Parle has blue eyes, ginger hair and a one inch scar on the left side of his head.

SUSPECT: More computer images of how Parle may look now (Liverpool John Moores University)

Liverpool John Moores University produced a series of images of what Parle may look like now.

The last potential sighting was made by police in Perth Western Australia in 2015.

Detectives initially believed Parle fled to the US, but then the Costa Blanca area of Spain, after there were possible sightings in autumn 2005 in the Torrevieja area.

The tourist-hotspot region of Alicante was also thought to be another possibility, but Parle has been able to stay one step ahead of investigators.

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