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UK EXCLUSIVE: Albanian drug trafficker executed by gang posing as police on a raid in Ecuador

AN ALBANIAN national under investigation for major drug trafficking was yesterday executed in Ecuador by a gang of men posing as police on a raid. The victim, who was shot dead on Friday at about 5am, on the León Febres-Cordero Road in Daule, Ecuador, South America, has been named in Albanian media reports at Adriatik Tresa, 45, (pictured above).

According to reports on, the attack came after a group of seven men, who arrived in two cars, identified themselves as police officers and entered the residential complex of Treska.

They reportedly managed to enter the victim's house claiming that they had a court order to search the property.

At home were Tresa and his sister-in-law, an Ecuadorian woman who reportedly witnessed the execution.

Prosecutor Walter Jaramillo, who is leading the investigation, said the woman and Tresa were sitting on a sofa and when she got up to ask them to show her the search warrant, one of the men shot Tresa six times with a rifle.

The killers then fled in their cars.

Mr Jaramillo said that a few weeks ago some people tried to kidnap Tresa but without success.

Ecuadorian authorities said Tresa was under investigation by the Anti-Narcotics Unit.

He was also under investigation for money laundering offences.

In recent years there have been several violent episodes involving Albanians.

Albanian crime syndicates have become major players in the global supply of cocaine, after striking deals with Colombian producers to undercut rivals and get purer supplies.

Over a third of Colombia’s cocaine is now believed to be moved into Ecuador, before it is distributed across the globe.

Albanian networks are working closely with Mafia cartels in Italy to move the drug across Europe and into the UK, as previously reported by Essex News and Investigations.

Albanian gangs have also taken over much of the internal supply of the drug within the UK.


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