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Serving Met Police officer accused of posting sexist and misogynistic material on TikTok

A SERVING Met Police officer has been accused of posting sexist and misogynistic posts on a TikTok account.

PC Daniel Naggea, of the North Area Borough Command Unit, is also alleged to have claimed that he did not use social media accounts during the vetting process.

A misconduct hearing is set to begin in south east London tomorrow, February 14.

A public notice published ahead of the hearing states: "PC Daniel Naggea has made a number of sexist and misogynistic posts on social media.

"The posts were placed on TikTok, the comments sexualise and objectify women.

"They also suggest all women mistreat men and appears to justify domestic abuse.

"PC Naggea identifies as a police officer on his social media platforms.

"PC Naggea indicated that he did not subscribe to any social media platforms on his vetting forms and this was inaccurate.

standards of professional behaviour.

"In the circumstances, the appropriate authority contends that (his) actions breached the standards of professional behaviour...

"In that his conduct may bring the police service into disrepute and damage the relationship of trust and confidence between the police and the public.

"As a result of that stated herein, if proven, it is alleged that (his) conduct individually or cumulatively amounts to gross misconduct and his dismissal may be justified."

If the allegations are proven he could be dismissed or given another sanction such as a final written warning or extra training.


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