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WATCH: 'My Dad killed the Essex Boys' - Ex-gangster Steve 'Nipper' Ellis in shock YouTube confession

A MAN who once shot Pat Tate and Tony Tucker and tried to shoot Craig Rolfe before the Rettendon murders has claimed his late father was the real killer.

Former Essex criminal Steve "Nipper" Ellis was one of the first people to be arrested over the murders after his previous attempts on their lives after they threatened his life and his family as part of a feud.

In a YouTube video interview, released by Liquid Bullet Productionz this month, Mr Ellis claimed he had wished he had killed them, but that his father, Sid, who he said died four years ago. "got there first."

Mr Ellis, who was a former friend of Tate's before they fell out, said: "The people (Whomes and Steele) in prison are innocent.

"Unfortunately I didn't do it. It was my Dad.

"When it was all going pear shaped they threatened to cut one of my sisters' fingers off.

"I had a pump action and my Dad had a shotgun."

Mr Ellis told the interviewer his father found out they would be at the Rettendon farm track on the night of the murders and lay in wait before shooting them with his pump action weapon.

He said: "He phoned me in the morning and said they are dead and as he was telling me he was laughing."

Mr Ellis was arrested soon after the murders and gave a full account of his feud with the three, including firing at them to protect him and his family, but denied any involvement in the murders.

An Essex Police spokeswoman said it was aware of the video confession.

Asked if the force was taking any action, she said: "At this stage any new evidence must be submitted to the Criminal Case Review Commission and we would therefore take our direction from them about any investigative action required."


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