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EXCLUSIVE: Boy, 16, admits owning bomb and chemical weapon making manuals plus race offences

A 16-YEAR-old boy has admitted possessing home bomb and chemical weapon making manuals and stirring up racial hatred about the late George Floyd (above) online.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted possessing, on or before May 28 last year, documents, records or information useful to a person wishing to commit or prepare an act of terrorism.

These included four named "home workshop" style books on bombmaking and chemical weapons, including one centred on Middle Eastern terrorism.

He also admitted one count of sending a message of a grossly offensive nature about the late George Floyd on Twitter on May 25 last year.

At Westminster Magistrate's Court on Friday he also pleaded guilty to five counts of making comments or distributing on the social media app Minds videos and other material that were likely to stir up racial hatred between March and May 2021 when he was 15.

Gerard Pitt, defending, said he would undergo an assessment to "asses how severe his autism is and how it may have affercted his cuplability."

A pre-sentence report is also being prepared looking at how potentially dangerous he is.

The boy was conditioanlly bailed ahead of a further hearing closer to his home at Sefton Magistrates' Court next month.


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