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Dave Courtney 'knocked out 2 men in 2023 and got tooth of another who challenged him stuck in fist'

CRIPPLED "celebrity gangster" Dave Courtney sparked out two men this year, despite being riddled with arthritis, the friend who found him dead has said.

His friend, who gave candid details about their 30-year friendship during a 47-minute video on Liam Galvin's YouTube channel, also said Mr Courtney was smiling and looked at peace when he found him dead in his bed at his home called "Camelot Castle" in Plumstead on the morning of Sunday, October 22 this year.

He said he had accepted he would lose his best friend after being told of his intention to take his own life about a year ago.

Mr McGirr said Courtney had an amazing life, including being on a murder charge at the Old Bailey, appearing in porno films and sleeping with thousands of women.


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