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Exclusive: Transgender former beautician back in jail after spitting and cop and calling him 'mi

A VIOLENT transgender former beautician has been jailed for 22 weeks after admitting spitting at a police officer and calling him a "milk bottle" while high on crystal meth.

Crystal meth addict Paris Bregazzi, 32, (pictured above) who was born male, but identifies as female, admitted one count of the racially aggravated assault of PC Ryan McKinlay in Oxford Street, London, on July 30.

Last month Essex News and Investigations exclusively revealed the serial violent offender was back in the dock after the July arrest.

At Westminster Magistrates Court last month she admitted a separate assault on a member of the public, Debbie Simpson, in the same location the same day.

She also pleaded guilty to possession of crystal meth and one charge of possession of an offensive weapon - a clutch bag with a knuckle duster handle was dismissed.

She also admitted an assault on another woman Augusta Wiche at a petrol station in Camberwell, south London, in January.

Bregazzi, from a homeless hostel in Camden, north London, who has borderline personality disorder and has had at least £10,000 of cosmetic surgery, threw a bottle at her in an unprovoked attack, the court heard.

She got six weeks in prison for the attack on Ms Wiche, four weeks for Ms Simpson and 16 for the assault on the officer.

Bregazzi, who has about 90 convictions dating back to 2007 for assault, harassment and shoplifting designer frocks, including attacks on staff and commuters at Highgate Station, East Finchley Station and Kings Cross Station, also had to pay £100 compensation.

DISMISSED: A charge of having a knuckle duster clutch bag as a weapon was dropped

Magistrates jailed her saying it was so serious that she spat at the officer with the current threat from coronavirus.

Bregazzi has a string of previous convictions for assaulting women and police officers during violent rages, often at rail stations.

In February 2018 she avoided being jailed after pushing an off duty police officer onto a train track after he asked her to stop abusing commuters.

She was handed a six-month jail term suspended for two years over the incident at Hanger Lane Station in Ealing, west London, on July 17 2017.

She barged off-duty PC Sam Chegwin onto the tracks at 5.15am after he heard her berating bystanders and asked her to “calm down”.

The judge said he could have been killed as the next train was due in seven minutes.

Her defence said she had mental health and drink and drug problems and was full of anger after being rejected by her parents after coming out aged 19.

The suspended sentence was referred to the Attorney General for being too lenient, but he took no action after reading the case files.

Just weeks later on March 5 2018 her violent behaviour resumed.

She was seen on Stockwell Road, south London, acting "aggressively" towards two old women at a bus stop and throwing wheelie bins in the street.

ADDICT: Bregazzi is hooked on highly addictive crystal meth (Frank)

She also threw a brick into the road, smashing the window of a parked car, before walking in front of a bus, which swerved to avoid her.

When PC Florina Russ tried to arrest her, she kneed him in the chest.

Five days later, while on bail, she sprayed perfume at security officer Rashpal Mudahar at Waterloo Station.

Upon arrest, she caused £200 worth of damage to a cell at Brixton police station by throwing food at the walls.

Crystal meth was found stuffed in her bra.

in April 2018 she was jailed for ten months over these offences.

In February 2020 she was back in the dock after storming into a department store in Kensington and smashing a china display, before leaving the shop and attacking a driver.

She threw objects from the street at a car waiting at traffic lights, causing two dents.

She then went into a pharmacy, picked up two shopping baskets and threw them at another shopper before pushing her into a road.

Upon arrest she spat at the custody sergeant.

Sitting at Westminster Magistrates Court, District Judge Michael Snow, jailed her for 12 weeks.

He said: "You are a woman of significant violence. You regularly hit and hurt other people.

"While under the influence of drugs - which makes things worse, not better - you damaged property, used baskets as a weapon to throw at the first lady and pushed her against the wall.

"Even more frighteningly, you pushed a woman into the middle of the road. You could have caused her significant danger.

'Finally, you assaulted a sergeant by spitting at him."

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