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EXCLUSIVE: Black man fined for telling mixed race police officer 'you're not black, you hate

A BLACK man told a mixed race police officer he was "not black and hated his own race," a court heard today.

Abel Solomon Hadgu, 24, also called the Met Police officer a "c**n," a derogatory term for a black person, Westminster Magistrates' Court heard.

Hadgu, from Cornmow Drive, Brent, west London, admitted one count of racially aggravated harassment against PC Eliot Bradford.

The court heard Hadgu had been experiencing mental health problems and began behaving aggressively at 3am on November 28 2019 after becoming drunk.

His uncle called police who took an agitated Hadgu into a police van to take him to his mother's where it was hoped he would calm down.

However, in the vehicle, he began shouting and swearing at PC Bradford.

He used the offensive term and also said: "You're not black, you're not black, you hate your own race."

Hadgu was arrested and during the interview apologised and said he did not know why he had said it, but he was charged with the offence.

A statement from PC Bradford was read to the court.

It.said: "It really upset me. You expect some abuse, but do not expect racist abuse. The word c**n is so derogatory and has been used to describe black slaves and to

to dehumanise those it is targeted at.

"I am of mixed race of black and white and have been racially abused before and it is very upsetting. It dehumanised me and brought back memories of when I was racially abused in the past.

"Abel Solomon called me this in front of colleagues. Abel Solomon's comments were solely motivated by the colour of my skin."

Prosecuting, Arfan Ahmed, said: "This was a sustained incident while the officer was protecting the public and he was subjected to this unwarranted attack."

Hadgu's defence lawyer said he had been a promising student who dropped out of Manchester University after experiencing mental health issues for the first time.

He said: "He was an analyst for a city firm. he is a bright gentleman with no previous convictions. He had an episode. He fully apologised in the interview. He thought the officer was white and does not know why he called him a c**n."

Hadgu, who is now on benefits, was ordered to pay £347 in fines, compensation and court costs.

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