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EXCLUSIVE: Case collapses against travellers charged with attacking man with hatchet, baseball bat a

COLLAPSED: Patrick Nolan was charged over alleged attack but the CPS offered no evidence

A PROSECUTION against three travellers accused of attacking a man with a hatchet, baseball bat and imitation firearm collapsed after the CPS offered no evidence.

Michael Doran, 30, Patrick Nolan, 27, and Johnny Nolan, 35, were charged with wounding fellow traveller Myles Flynn, 37, with intent to cause him GBH.

It was said to have happened in Apple Grove, the road where Mr Flynn lived in Harrow, west London, on January 31 last year.

The Nolans, from Beech Close, West Drayton, west London, and Doran, from the traveller site in Hay Hill, Eastry, Kent, were also each charged with illegal possession of a hatchet, a baseball bat, and an imitation handgun, in connection with the alleged attack.

However, at a hearing at Harrow Crown Court, the prosecution offered no evidence in respect of all charges.

It is not clear why the case was dropped.

In December 2013 Patrick Nolan was jailed for 29 months and ordered to pay a £120 victim surcharge.

It was after he admitted a burglary charge at Reading Crown Court.

Nola had broken into a home in St Mark's Crescent, Maidenhead, on December 12 that year, where he stole jewellery from the house.

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