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BEWARE THE 'Mini Police' - kids as young as nine go on speeding patrols

SPOOKY: This mannequin showed off the 'mini police' uniform at the Police Superintendents' Conference

CHILDREN as young as nine are being encouraged to go on police patrols and issue warnings to speeding drivers.

The "Mini Police" dress in pint-sized uniforms and accompany officers on speed patrols where they show sad faces to anyone breaking the speed limit.

A number of police forces, including Durham, Thames Valley and Nottinghamshire, have adopted the scheme, with more in the pipeline.

MINI POLICE: Outfits made for various forces by Solon Security (Jon Austin)

Solon Security, which makes Mini Police uniforms, was exhibiting them at the Police Superintendents' Association annual conference in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, this week.

Richard Moulton, Solon account manager, said: "Nine to 11 year olds who are too young to be cadets can join. In schools they build relations between police and the schools.

"It has been very successful.

SUCCESS: The mini police project has 'changed the dynamic of some families' (Jon Austin)

"They go out on speed patrols and show smiley faces to drivers under the limit and sad ones to those breaking it.

"One good thing is they have joined from families who don't like police and it has changed the whole dynamic."

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