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EXCLUSIVE: Man jailed in crackdown on ancient 'three cups' betting scam

SCAM: The ancient three cup scam is illegal in the UK

TWO men have been convicted of carrying out an ancient street scam as part of a crackdown on the con.

Randu-alexandru Ibris, 22, from Coleridge Avenue, Manor Park, north London, was jailed for six weeks at Westminster Magistrates Court on Saturday.

He was found two days earlier carrying out the "three cups scam" in the Chelsea area and admitted the offence.

The game is not allowed under the Gambling Act.

On the same day Doru-victor Stoian, 28, from Clements Road, East Ham, east London, was also convicted of operating the scam.

He was caught doing the scam in Chelsea on the same day and admitted the offence.

He was put under an exclusion order not to enter the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea for the next year unless it is for legitimate work and also ordered to pay an £85 victim surcharge.

The arrests were part of a Met Police crackdown on the scam which is largely carried out by foreign nationals.

Victims are asked to bet on which cup out of three a ball is under after the scammers move them around.

However, they use sleight on hand to remove the ball so no one can ever win.

Stooges in the audience are used to occasionally win to convince spectators it is possible.

The con dates back to ancient Egyptian times.

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