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CAMBRIDGESHIRE: Man pins intruder to bathroom floor until police arrive after 'model student&#39

EXCLUSIVE: A BRAVE husband wrestled an intruder to the ground and held him captive until police arrived after the burglar sneaked into the couple's bedroom in the dead of night.

Adrian Brasovan, 25, was today jailed for eight months for burgling the home in Ramnoth Road, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, on October 7 2017.

Cambridge Crown Court heard Brasovan entered the property through an unlocked side door, that led to a utility room, and crept about the house in the early hours, taking a laptop and mobile phone.

JAILED: Adrian Brasovan enjoying a pint before his arrest for burglary (Pic: Facebook)

The court heard Ruwini Ranasinghe awoke to find Brasovan standing in her bedroom at around 3.40am, before the intruder attempted to flee.

She woke up her husband, Nuwan Cooray, who got up and chased after the burglar.

Mr Cooray saw Brasovan on the landing, who then went into the bathroom and was unable to get out of the house.

Prosecuting, James Earle, said: "Mr Cooray set off in pursuit and saw the defendant in the hallway, who was holding Mr Cooray's laptop valued at £500.

The burglary took place in Ramnoth Road (pictured) (

"Mr Brasovan quickly entered the bathroom, it is speculated he went the wrong way while trying to find a way out.

"Mr Cooray grabbed hold of him and pulled him to the ground and kept him there until police arrived.

"Police arrived to find this defendant in the bathroom being restrained by Mr Cooray. He was arrested at that point."

Mr Earle said that Mrs Ranasinghe saw her mobile phone that was being charged by the bedside was gone.

It was found in the bathroom with the laptop.

Brasovan told police he was drunk and looked for somewhere to go to the toilet.

Once inside, he said to officers he thought he was in a friend's house, and picked up the phone because his battery had died.

He denied touching the laptop.

Adrian Brasovan

MODEL STUDENT: Adrian Brasovan larks about in a picture on his Facebook page

Judge Gareth Hawkesworth asked for Brasovan's immigration status as he came to the UK from Moldova and has dual Moldovan/Romanian citizenship and needed an interpreter.

However, Mr Earle said he did not know.

Defending, Philip Farr, said Brasovan had no previous convictions in the UK or back home and had been a model student.

He said: "He graduated from Moldova State University, which is the best in the country.

"He is an intelligent man who has come to and from the UK between studies to work at fruit picking and in factories before returning to Moldova.

Moldova State University

Brasovan graduated from Moldova State University, considered the best in the country

"He has had a law-abiding life and there is no explanation as to why he behaved in such a stupid way on the evening, the aggravating factor of the drink was a catalyst.

"When approached by the owner he was clearly in a state of confusion saying 'I know you, I know you'.

"I hope you can treat it as a one off offence."

Brasovan, who lives in rented accommodation in Wisbech, has been remanded in custody since the arrest and plans to return to Moldova upon release.

He pleaded guilty to one count of burglary and the prosecution offered no evidence in connection with a count of attempted burglary.

Judge Hawkesworth sentenced him to eight months in prison and said he would likely soon be released due to time on remand.

He said: "It is a great pity a young man like you, who is hardworking and intelligent, has ended up in England in court admitting burglary.

"You will understand offences of burglary are treated seriously particularly when the occupants of the house which is burgled are forced to confront the burglar, which is what happened in this case.

"I accept how it was probably to do with you drinking too much and that this is likely to be a one off incident."

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