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Two Met Police officers accused of letting sex assault subject go and failing to investigate the crime

TWO Met Police officers have been accused of letting a sex assault suspect go and failing to investigate the crime, just over a year after the murder of Sarah Everard.

PC Jesal Patel and PC Mohammed Chikhalia are accused of major failings at a time when the force had prioritised action against violence and sexual abuse of women and girls in the wake of the shocking kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah by serving officer Wayne Couzens (below).

It is alleged that the pair attended a London nightclub, where a suspect of sexual assault had been identified and detained by security staff, in April 2022, just over a year after Sarah's murder.

But, it is alleged that instead of arresting him and starting a criminal investigation, they "failed in their duty to arrest the suspect and take steps to secure and obtain evidence."

It is also alleged that both officers failed to record the incident as a crime on all relevant police databases.

The officers could face dismissal if gross misconduct is proven at a hearing set to take place in September.

If the officers are cleared, no further action should follow.


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