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Surge in reports of online terror supporters after Hamas attacks on Israel

COUNTER terror police have seen a surge in reports of online radical material following the Hamas terror attacks on Israel with more than 50 cases opened in the last week. A spokesman said: "The Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit has opened reviews into 55 new cases this week, following a significant number of referrals from the public reporting potential terrorist content online." Commander Dominic Murphy, Head of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, said: "When it comes to tackling the use of the internet to further terrorism, support from the public is essential. “Following last week's horrific terrorist attack by Hamas, and the escalation of the Israel-Hamas conflict, which has led to significant concern in communities in London and across the country, I want to thank the public for helping us by reporting potential terrorist content online to our Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU). “These referrals have already made a significant impact and we are currently reviewing 55 cases. “They will also enable Counter Terrorism Policing to work with tech companies to remove content assessed to breach UK terrorism legislation, making the internet less permissive for terrorists and safer for those in our communities who may be vulnerable to radicalisation. They can also lead to investigations being launched into those in the UK who are suspected of breaching UK terrorism legislation through their online conduct."

Yesterday, thousands of protestors, including pro Palestinian, pro Israel and far right British descended on the capital (top image) to protest. Flares and fireworks were set off within the crowds. The Met Police posted on X: "We are aware of people lighting flares/fireworks within the group. This is clearly a danger to them and those around them. Action will be taken when we identify those in possession of/throwing them." Seven people were arrested, including for for breaching a restriction the force put in place across parts of central London that banned the covering of faces. Two were arrested for public order and one for criminal damage. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Taylor, Gold Commander for the protest, said ahead of the event: "People do not have the right to incite violence or hatred. The law is clear that support for proscribed organisations is illegal. Anyone with a flag in support of Hamas or any other prescribed terrorist organisation will be arrested. We will not tolerate the celebration of terrorism or death, or tolerate anyone inciting violence." Several British far right activists also held demos close to pro Palestinians. One man holding a loudspeaker and a Union Jack flag (above) was filmed being arrested with footage placed on X and other social media. The force is investigating, but a spokesman said: "As with most social media, there are some incidents that can be taken out of context and we cannot provide a significant update until the point of charge."


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