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STEPHEN MORRISSON MURDER: 14 arrests but no charges one year on from Epping Forest fatal stabbing

FOURTEEN people have been arrested but no charges have been brought in the investigation into the death of Stephen Morrisson who was knifed to death in Epping Forest more than a year ago.

The answers to the murder of the father lie within “specific groups of people in London”, according to the case’s senior investigating officer.

Mr Morrisson sustained a single stab wound in a car park in Epping Road, Epping, shortly before 8pm on Tuesday June 23, 2020.

The 30-year-old sadly died in hospital a short time later having driven away from the scene towards a nearby Shell garage, where a shrine marking the anniversary remains (above).

He was able to get out of his car but then collapsed on the forecourt, where members of the public came to his aide.

Now, a year after his death, Stephen’s family have issued an emotive appeal to anyone with information who has not yet come forward to speak to us to do so.

In a TV appeal with Essex Police, Stephen’s mum, Lorraine Morrisson, said: “There must be someone out there who knows what happened to Stephen that day and we are asking them to please help us.

“He was always so bubbly and I always say he just breezes in like a tornado – he was that lively. He always saw he bright side of life.”

Remembering the day Stephen sadly died, she added: “I think I just went into shock, I couldn’t accept [his death]. It made it harder that I wasn’t able to say goodbye. It just made it so hard for me to accept that he has gone.”

The force has now secured a £10,000 reward from independent charity Crimestoppers which means information on Stephen’s death can now be given through the safety of anonymity.

Lorraine added: “[Solving his murder] is not going to bring Stephen back but it is going to give us closure.

“Stephen didn’t deserve to die; he had so much more to offer. He’s not going to see all the milestones in his son’s life; he’s not going to see him leave school, he’s not going to see him get married, go to college, go to university and he’s not going to see his son become a father – and that matters. And Stephen mattered.

“It’s a very, very big loss for us and we just miss his so much.”

Charlotte Morrisson, Stephen’s sister, added: “He was always there for me. Having four brothers, he was the one who always looked after me. It’s not until after he’s gone that you realise how he happy he was.

“It’s been hard, I try and keep strong for everyone else.”

Julie Gowen, senior investigating officer on Stephen’s murder, said: “I believe the answers to Stephen’s murder lie within certain groups of people in London.

“These people – and the people around them – know exactly what happened on that day. They know who killed Stephen

“Over time, loyalties change, ties are broken and people make mistakes – that will happen and, due to the focus we have on this case, we will not miss anything and we will leave no stone unturned.”

She added: “We have now secured a £10,000 reward from Crimestoppers. That means that you can give information anonymously if you want to.

“The information you have, no matter how small or insignificant you think it is, could be the key to our investigation

“So I am asking the people who know what happened to please come forward and give Stephen’s family justice.”

In total we have arrested 14 people in connection with his death.

Nine are still under investigation and five have been told they face no further action.

Advice on how information can be shared on Stephen’s murder can be found here:


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