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Police swamp Coop store after latest robbery - security patrols hired by store not seen in weeks

AN EAST of England Coop branch that has been plagued by robberies has tonight (Wednesday, October 6) suffered another strike.

Police are currently on the scene outside the branch in Lawling Avenue, Heybridge.

According to residents armed police were initially at the scene.

One onlooker said: "It was at about 8.10pm. It has been robbed. The police are everywhere and there were armed police , but now just police and dogs.

"They went looking down the alley and thought the robber may be in a garden. This is the sixth time it has been robbed since I have lived here. Last time the robber stabbed the lad working behind the till and there was blood all over the shop.

"Thank God no one was hurt this time."

The East of England Coop introduced security patrols between about three stores in the area in the summer after a number of earlier robberies.

Two patrol cars with dogs were seen regularly parked outside the shops.

However, residents said they had not seen the security patrols for several weeks.


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