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Paranoid, controlling steroid nut jailed for life for stabbing younger girlfriend to death in Hotel

A STEROID user who knifed his girlfriend in the neck, after her family pleaded with her to leave him, has been jailed for a minimum of 23 years after he was convicted of the murder.

Controlling Taye Francis, 40, of no fixed address, called police to say he had stabbed 23-year-old Khloemae Loy (above), at the Holiday Inn Express in Greenwich, south London, but then barricaded himself in the room.

The personal trainer then tried to escape through the window, but fell onto a roof.

He was found guilty of murder at the Old Bailey in November and was sentenced on Monday (December 6) to life imprisonment, with a minimum term before he would be considered for parole of 23 years.

He had admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility but denied murder.

Police were called to the Holiday Inn on Bugsby’s Way at 10:02am on Sunday, July 5 2020, after a man – later identified as Francis – called the London Ambulance Service to say he had stabbed his girlfriend and that she was dying.

A Met Police spokesman said: "Officers attended alongside ambulance staff but were initially unable to get into the hotel room as Francis refused to open the door.

"While preventing the emergency services from entering, Francis (above) climbed out of the bedroom window in an attempt to escape but fell onto a roof below.

"He was treated at the scene and taken to hospital.

"Police forced entry into the hotel room, which Francis had barricaded by placing a sofa bed in front of the door. Khloemae was found with a stab wound to the neck and pronounced dead at the scene."

A set of knives were found within the room; a receipt showed these had been bought just a week prior to the attack from a supermarket in Sutton.

The court heard that Francis and Khloemae had been in an on and off relationship since around 2015 in which she was often subjected to his outbursts of violence and aggression due to his suspicions that people were out to cause him harm.

He had been convicted of raping a 19-year-old at axe point in 2002, had repeatedly beaten up Miss Loy since meeting her.

In 2017 he had thrown her in a wheelie bin and was convicted of ABH. His victim had even secured a restraining order against him but was tragically drawn back into Francis' 'spiral of abuse'.

His paranoia is believed to have been fuelled by his abuse of steroids which were found at the scene.

Analysis of his phone also provided evidence of him ordering steroids and researching how best to inject them.

In the weeks and months before her death, Francis and Khloemae moved house a number of times, such was the level of Francis' paranoia.

They were helped by Khloemae's family, who had pleaded with her to leave Francis.

In an impact statement, Khloemae’s parents said: “Khloemae was only 23 at the time of her death. She is missed by her family and friends. We all miss her bubbly personality, she was always the life and soul of the party and she always tried to see the best in everyone. She was like our little china doll.

“At the age of 23 Khloemae had already endured five years of suffering at the hands of Taye Francis when all she did was seek love and commitment from him.

“Taye tricked her into his world. He lied to her from the very beginning. He lied about his age, his job and the fact he was a student at a local college. He tried to manipulate and control Khloemae from the outset. He took her away from her family and friends, and physically and emotionally abused her.

“Even though Khloemae is no longer here with us she still exists. Taye has taken Khloemae’s life but in doing so he has also ruined ours. We cannot experience her love and happiness.”

Detective Sergeant Quinn Cutler said: "Taye Francis is a violent, controlling man who subjected Khloemae to constant aggression and abuse as a result of his own paranoia.

“His horrific actions have robbed a family of a much-loved young woman who had her whole life ahead of her and our team were determined to get justice for her and those left bereft by her loss.

“Domestic abuse should never be tolerated and across the Met we are working hard to protect women and girls across the capital. We want anyone who is subject to abusive or controlling behaviour to know we are here for them and we will listen. If you need us, contact 101 or 999 where we have specially trained officers who can provide support and investigate.”


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