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NO CONTACT: Man accused by 7 females but never charged is banned from contact with women and girls

A MAN who has never been charged with any sex offences has been branded a danger to women and banned from any contact with women or girls.

The Met Police secured an interim sexual risk order (SRO) against Dean Dyer, 41, at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Wednesday, despite him having no convictions for sexual offences.

Under the order Dyer, from Notting Hill, north London, must have no contact or communication with any women, or female child under 18, unless it is unavoidable in daily life or the woman in question or the child's parents or guardian are aware of the order and consent to it.

He must also notify police, giving at least 24 hours notice, if he intends to have consensual sex with a woman, providing her name and contact details to officers.

He is not banned from contact with female close relatives such as his mother or an aunt or with any females in the event of an emergency.

The order also does not prevent contact with women public servants or those such as bus and taxi drivers and traffic wardens in the course of their work.

The court heard Dyer has been accused by six women and one girl of various offences of rape, sexual assaults, grooming and threats over the past 20 years.

But, despite never being charged with any of the alleged offences, Judge Michael Snow was satisfied he presented a risk of committing sexual offences against women.

He faces up to five years’ jail if he breaches the order.

A full hearing will take place where Dyer can contest the order or it could be made permanent.

If you are an alleged victim of Dyer's contact


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