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NEW PODCAST: Does 5:12pm call from Whomes to Steele from Sudbury prove Nicholls was lying?

FORMER Met Police detective Dave McKelvey has claimed that convicted triple killer Jack Whomes could not have been at the Halfway House on the way to carry out the Rettendon murders when supergrass Darren Nicholls placed him there.

Nicholls claimed Whomes was near the landmark pub off the A127 en route to the infamous murder scene at Rettendon at around 6pm on the night of the murders.

But, Mr McKelvey, whose private investigation form TM-Eye has been investigating the case for more than three years, says new significance is being placed on previously disclosed evidence about Whome's phone calls.

Evidence shows Whomes' phone made a call to Steele at 5.12pm on the day of the murders from The Willowmere Caravan Park in Sudbury, Suffolk.

McKelvey says it means he could not have been nearly 15 miles away at Marks Tey, near Colchester, Essex, where Nicholls said they were at 5pm.

He looks at changes in the Marks Tey timings in a recent Facebook post here.

Nor could he have been at the Halfway House close to 40 miles away when Nicholls said he was there, says McKelvey.

He believes their review has shown Nicholls, whose evidence was what prosecuted Whomes and Michael Steele for the murders of Pat Tate, Tony Tucker and Craig Rolfe, was lying and an independent police force should reinvestigate the case.

The Shaun Attwood podcast with Mr McKelvey is on at 8.30pm tonight, clashing with a new tease about the case from Bernard O'Mahoney -


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