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NCA confirms probe into 'high harm' sex offenders who teach others on dark web how to abuse UK kids

A MAJOR probe is underway into a gang of "high-harm" child sex offenders who use the dark web to teach would-be paedophiles how to commit the "most sickening abuse" against children in the UK.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) confirmed it has launched an ongoing investigation into the twisted group.

An NCA spokesman said: "The Agency targets the most dangerous organised crime groups (OCGs) operating in or against the UK.

"We are investigating a group of the highest harm predatory criminals who hide on the dark web and instruct others how to commit the worst kinds of sexual offences against children in the UK."

Many paedophiles share tactics in shocking texts known as "paedophile manuals" which teach others how to evade detection.

The agency refused to confirm if such manuals were involved or provide any further details for operational reasons, but said it was one of more than 800 operations into serious and organised crime groups impacting the United Kingdom it was currently engaged in.

The spokesman added: "The huge number illustrates the scale of the fight the NCA is leading to protect the public from significant harm."


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