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Met PC who sent someone 20 intel images over seven months keeps job with written warning

A MET Police officer who sent 20 images from the force's intelligence database to a private individual over seven months has been allowed to keep his job following a misconduct hearing.

PC Christopher Bates, attached to the North West Command Unit, has been given a final written warning following a misconduct hearing which concluded on Friday, 17 December.

He was alleged to have breached the standards of professional behaviour in relation to confidentiality and discreditable conduct.

It is alleged that, between April 1 and 31 October 31 2019, PC Bates obtained and disclosed 20 images to a private person that were taken from the MPS intelligence and crime reporting systems.

The Met has not said the type of images that were sent or if it was established why they were sent.

A Met spokesman said: "The images were passed by WhatsApp and not for a policing purpose.

"After considering all of the evidence, the panel found the allegations proven at the level of gross misconduct and PC Bates was issued with a final written warning."

Chief Superintendent Sara Leach, BCU Commander for North West London, said: “Upholding the integrity of the MPS intelligence systems is a fundamental requirement and behaviour of this kind is not acceptable.

“It is right that those whose actions do not meet our expected standards face misconduct proceedings. This is crucial to increasing the trust and confidence people have in our organisation.”


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