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Man wanted in US for smuggling drugs on planes and cruise ships facing extradition after UK arrest

A MAN is facing extradition accused of being in an organised crime group that allegedly imported drugs into the US on commercial aircraft and cruise ships.

Israel Osail Barrett, 49, of an unknown address, was arrested by the Met Police on an International Arrest Warrant from the US and brought before Westminster Magistrates' Court on Thursday.

The court heard the arrest warrant states: "Barrett is a member of a drug trafficking and money laundering organization which is responsible for importing numerous shipments of cocaine and laundering illicit funds derived from drug trafficking.

"Shipments of cocaine were sent to the United States using commercial aircraft and cruise ships.

"The total amount of cocaine is approximately 96 kilograms."

Barrett applied for bail at the hearing, but it was declined.

A court record of the case said bail was refused as it was seen he was "likely to abscond" and due to the "nature and seriousness of the offence."

The court also heard he had previously offended while on bail in connection with a UK previous domestic and that bail was not granted due to his "behaviour on arrest" for the extradition matter.

He can make a second bail application.

The case was adjourned.


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