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Man accidentally shot friend with sub-machine gun before dumping his body at side of road

A MAN has been convicted of manslaughter after accidentally discharging a firearm and killing one of his associates before dumping his body.

Mohamed Muhyidin 28, (below) was shot and killed in the early hours of Sunday, 31 October 2021 as he sat in the front passenger seat of a car parked outside a flat in High Street, Harlington. His body was then driven and dumped by the side of the road in Sipson Lane, Harlington where it was discovered by a taxi driver. Detective Inspector Lucy Carberry from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command said: “Mohamed was shot and killed by his associate Chiragh Chiragh (above) who was armed with a sub-machine gun. It is accepted that Chiragh accidentally discharged the firearm as both men were inside a car.

“What they were doing in this car remains up for debate, although any plans were soon derailed by the shooting. This set off a chain of events that would lead down a completely different path for those involved. “Mohamed’s body was dumped and the car he was killed in was set alight as those involved desperately tried to cover their tracks.” The events unfolded on the evening of Saturday, 30 October into the early hours of the following morning in a parking area outside some flats in Harlington High Street. One of the flats was used as a base for a number of people to take and deal drugs. On 30 October, Chiragh Chiragh and another man, Mohammed Shakeel, were at the flat along with Mohamed and a 17-year-old male. During the evening, there was an argument involving other males at the flat which resulted in Shakeel brandishing an imitation firearm. The males left but it is clear their presence had agitated Chiragh and Shakeel (below).

Chiragh was seen throughout the next few hours in possession of a sub-machine gun while Shakeel is believed to have continued to carry the imitation pistol. At around 04:45hrs Chiragh left the flat and joined Mohamed in a vehicle outside the block; Chiragh was in possession of the sub-machine gun. It was at this moment that Chiragh discharged the firearm, shooting Mohamed who was sitting in the seat directly in front of him. Chiragh dropped the silencer upon getting out of the car and the gun was seen to fire on a number of additional occasions. A short time later the car was driven to Sipson Lane by Chiragh and Mohamed’s body was dumped by the roadside. Chiragh drove the car and dumped it in West Drayton close to where the 17-year-old male lived. A passing taxi spotted Mohamed’s body and called the ambulance service. At around 18:00hrs on 31 October, the 17-year-old male drove the car to Trout Lane, West Drayton. He walked to a nearby petrol station and purchased a canister of fuel before setting the car alight. Officers received information linking the shooting to the car park area in Harlington – they attended and recovered a number of bullet cartridges at the scene - the silencer was located in the nearby flat used by those involved. Both Chiragh and Shakeel were arrested on 5 November, with the 17-year-old male arrested on 9 November. Analysis of mobile phones enabled officers to build a picture of contact between the main protagonists in the build-up and aftermath of Mohamed’s shooting. Allied to the CCTV footage placing them at the scene, all were charged with offences linked to the shooting. DI Carberry added: “Chiragh may not have intended to harm Mohamed Muhiyidin but it is clear that he, and his associates, were intent on harming someone that day. “Chiragh was armed with a lethal weapon and Shakeel with an imitation firearm prior to Mohamed’s death, which was seen on CCTV. “Post shooting, they then colluded and conspired in an attempt to cover up what had happened to Mohamed. “All played their part in this tragic story and all have quite rightly been made to face the consequences of their actions. “Mohamed’s family have attended court for the past seven weeks and listened intently as the events that unfolded that night have been described in detail. I would like to thank them personally for the calm and respectful manner displayed during such a traumatic time and I hope that today’s verdicts will provide some closure for them moving forward.” Details of convictions following the conclusion of the trial at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday, 18 November: Chiragh Chiragh, 39, of Paulhan Road, Harrow was found guilty of manslaughter and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. He had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon and perverting the course of justice. Mohammed Shakeel, 29, of Cape Close, Barking was found guilty of perverting the course of justice. He had previously pleaded guilty to possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence. A 17-year-old male pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice at an earlier hearing. All three will be sentenced on 10 February at Isleworth Crown Court.


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