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Kenneth Noye branded 'legend' and 'cowardly killer' after posing for smiling 'celebrity' bar selfie

DOUBLE killer Kenneth Noye (above in notorious police mugshot) has been branded both a "legend" and a "coward" after posing for a smiling "celebrity" selfie in a bar.

The snap (below) was today uploaded to a Facebook gangland related group by a man from Bexley, south-east London, with the caption "Out with Kenneth Noye last night."

Some were clearly impressed with the image, branding Noye, 75, a "good man", and a "legend" while others slammed him as a "cowardly killer".

One man wrote: "Don’t understand why your so happy having a photo with a murderer - let’s hope you don’t bump into Peter Sutcliffe."

This would be difficult as the Ripper died in November 2020 after catching Covid-19.

Another said: "Just as long as you didn't cut him up in a motor or was a police officer doing their job you should have been fine."

One man added: "What a proud moment, eh pictured with a cowardly wee prick that stabbed a guy to death."

And a third said: "Think you all forget he's a convicted murderer not a celebrity."

Others were more positive, with one saying simply: "Good man."

Another said: "Kenny is a legend. Knows his stuff."

One said: "He looks well. Where was he? Is he allowed to travel abroad yet?

"Met him in Spain briefly... sound bloke... is he on Facebook or anything? Great photo."

Another said: "Love that. I worked as a contractor in HMP WM and he was proper sound to me. Hope he’s doing well."

While someone added: "Wow, how is he?"

The posting sparked a debate on whether convicted killers can be rehabilitated.

One poster said: "Makes me laugh how some people celebrate evil

people and say, “but he’s harmless now, a changed man.” Not a chance is he."

But, another asked: "Why can’t people change?"

And, another said: "What a bunch of melt comments ffs sort it out we all live and learn."

One woman even praised the aging gangster on his appearance, adding: "Still looks good for a man of his age. X" Group moderators later prevented any more comments.

Noye served almost 21 years in prison for the 1996 fatal stabbing of Stephen Cameron, 21, during a road rage row on the M25 and M20 interchange at Swanley, Kent. in 1985 he stabbed undercover cop John Fordham to death in the grounds of his 20-acre home in West Kingsdown, Kent, when he was under investigation over the Brink's Mat gold robbery. He was acquitted of murder, along with Hatton Garden burglar Brian Reader, after claiming self-defence. Noye was released from jail in 2019.


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