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Instagram influencer with 6m followers as seen in Met Police mugshot after harassment arrest

THE Met Police has released a mugshot of Kuwaiti influencer Rawan Bin Hussain (above) after she pleaded guilty to harassment and criminal damage at Westminster Magistrates' Court yesterday (October 25).

Appearing under her real name Rawan Abdullah, the 24-year-old from Dubai, once dubbed the Brooke Shields of Kuwait, was fined £6,500 and banned from contacting the victim and his family under a restraining order.

The court heard that police were called in June 2020 following an argument between Abdullah (below from Instagram), who has 6m followers on Instagram, and the victim her husband Youssef Migariaf, at a hotel in Knightsbridge, during which she had cut up one of his £200 shirts with a pair of scissors.

The victim also sustained a scratch to his neck.

She was arrested and taken into custody before being bailed; however she then began to post messages to social media about the victim and harassing him via text message and phone.

The court heard she accused him of sleeping with sex workers, called him a "monster," and cornered him in a restaurant.

She also texted Migariaf, calling him "disgusting and pathetic and a pathological liar" and writing further, "I can't believe I loved a monster like you.

In one post on Instagram, she wrote: "So now to let everyone know I am very proud to say I'm divorcing with my husband.

"He gave me HPV-16 because he sleeps with random prostitutes. If this will make me less of a human being, that's fine."

Abdullah is banned from contacting the victim for the next five years, contacting members of his family, going to his home or posting about him online.

A charge of assault by beating was withdrawn.

Detective Constable Dalila Gomes said: "This conviction and sentencing hopefully brings to a close a very stressful period in the victim's life and will allow him to move on.

"Harassment is a serious offence; any victims should take note that the MPS will thoroughly investigate any offences and work to bring offenders to justice."


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