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GUN CITY: Machine gun, ammo and silencer found in stolen car is latest firearm found in the capital

Police have recovered a sub machine gun, with ammunition and a 'silencer' following the search of a car in south London.

At approximately 12pm on Monday, 16 November, detectives from Specialist Crime Proactive Syndicates - engaged on an operation to tackle serious violence - located a vehicle parked on Appach Road in Brixton.

The vehicle was found to be stolen; it was recovered and taken away for further forensic examination.

A subsequent search of the vehicle found a bag containing an Uzi SMG, 'silencer' and ammunition. The firearm will now undergo analysis.

Detective Superintendent Steve Ellen, from Specialist Crime South, said: “This is a significant recovery; a loaded machine gun has been taken off the streets thanks to the ongoing work of our officers tackling gang violence in the capital.

“Our investigation is in its early stages but we will be working to establish who left the firearm in the vehicle and whether it has been used in any criminality. I would encourage anyone with information about violent crime to contact police or Crimestoppers.”

There have been no arrests and enquiries continue.


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