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EXCLUSIVE: Woman tests positive for Covid-19 one week after having first vaccination dose

A WOMAN has tested positive for Covid-19 a week after receiving her first vaccination against the virus, Essex News and Investigations has been told.

The woman, 38, from east London began to feel unwell with loss of taste and other coronavirus symptoms after having the vaccine, according to a housemate.

She tested positive for Covid-19 seven days after the jab.

The man said: "Other people in the house are self isolating, but have so far tested negative for the virus."

It is not clear if she had contracted the virus before her first jab, or developed it despite having the first vaccination.

However, she believes she caught it after having the vaccine on the London underground, despite always wearing a mask.

Reassuringly, she had mild symptoms with no temperature but lost her sense of smell and taste.

The government has said it is not clear if being vaccinated against coronavirus will prevent people becoming infected with the virus.

However, it recommends people get the jab as it believes that symptoms will be much less severe if people do catch the virus after being vaccinated.

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