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EXCLUSIVE: Two alleged fraudsters wanted by UAE are arrested in the UK and now facing extradition

THE United Arab Emirates is seeking the extradition of two men from the UK to face unconnected allegations of fraud. Both men have been arrested on international arrest warrants and have appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court where they are fighting against extradition. Samih Abdulrahman Sadiq Basaddiq, 49, from Earls Court Road, west London, appeared at the court earlier this month.

The arrest warrant states that: "On or before March 6 2019, within the within the jurisdiction of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, he occupied a position in which he was expected to safeguard, or not to act against, the financial interests of Advanced Facilities Management limited, but abused his position by dishonest appropriation of funds in the sum of 8,000,000 AED intending to make a gain for himself or another, or to cause loss to another contrary to Section 4 of the Fraud Act 2006." Mr Basaddiq, who denies the offence, was bailed to appear at the same court later this year for a legal argument on the prima facie evidence in the case. In the meantime, he must not to enter or go to any international travel hubs. His British passport was retained after sureties totalling £80,000 were paid to the court. In a second separate case Salman Afzal Asghar, 40, (top picture) a Pakistani national from Circus Road, West Battersea, west London, is also alleged to have committed fraud in the UAE.

WANTED: Asghar pictured in a Lamborghini in Dubai from social media

He was arrested by the Met Police on an international arrest warrant in London earlier this year.

The UAE alleges that "on or about July 2018 in the territory of the United Arab Emirates, he committed fraud, by dishonestly making false representations to Simon Sellers, an investor, that he owned a fabric factory in Pakistan, which was untrue and made a gain for himself of $250,000 USA Dollars, contrary to section two of the Fraud Act 2006." Asghar denies the allegations and is opposing extradition. At a hearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court this month, his bail conditions were varied. He is under an electronically monitored curfew between 2am and 10am daily and must live and sleep at his home address. His passport has been retained by police and he must not go to any international travel hub or apply for international travel documents or be in possession of any. An £18,000 security has also been lodged with the court.

Asghar was contacted for comment, but did not respond, while Basaddiq was unavailable.


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