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EXCLUSIVE: Probation officer arrested after being found at home of convicted drug dealer she was meant to be supervising

A FEMALE Probation Service officer was arrested after she was found by police in the home of a convicted drug dealer she was supposed to be supervising.

The woman is suspected of forming inappropriate relations with the man who had recently been released from prison.

Officers from the Met Police carried out a search warrant at his address in north London last month amid suspicions he had returned to class A drug supply.

A source close to the probe said: "No class A drugs were found, but some cannabis was found and he was also found in possession of two mobile phones, which was in breach of his licence conditions.

"The officers needed to contact the suspect's probation officer to start his recall to prison due to the alleged licence condition breach.

"When they tried to call her it was identified she was also in the property, which was not to be expected, and she was arrested."

The source said the woman was being investigated for suspected misconduct in public office due to it being feared that she was in some sort of relationship with the ex-offender who she should have maintained a strictly professional relationship with.

"The woman was subsequently bailed and it remains a live investigation, the source added.

A Probation Service spokesperson said: “We take all allegations of wrongdoing extremely seriously but it would be inappropriate to comment further on a live investigation.”

She confirmed that the alleged reoffender "was recalled to custody."

She added: "Staff found guilty of inappropriate relationships with prisoners can be sent to prison themselves for Misconduct in Public Office.

"Our bolstered Counter-Corruption Unit is working to root out and clamp down on those who undermine our exemplary service with their dangerous behaviour and ensure they face the strongest possible consequences.

"Our Counter-Corruption Unit proactively detects, disrupts and deters activities of those suspected of wrongdoing. The unit supports prisons and probation services, with specialist staff working alongside the police to support their investigations.

"Through our £100m Security Investment Programme, over 140 new staff were recruited into the Counter-Corruption Unit, as well as 20 police investigators dedicated to investigating corruption within HM Prison and Probation Service."

The Met Police declined to comment.


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