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EXCLUSIVE: Met female officer accused of 'taking drugs and having sexual relations' in a police building

A POLICE officer took drugs and had sex in the workplace it has been alleged.

Former PC Zara Smith is accused of the activities and theft in an undisclosed Met Police building.

A professional misconduct hearing due to start on Thursday (April 4) will hear allegations her actions breached the standards of professional behaviour in respect of discreditable conduct.

A public notice published ahead of the hearing said: "As a result of a previous criminal investigation, evidence came to light that former PC Zara Smith has engaged in the use of illegal substances, has partaken in theft and sexual relations in a police building.

"The behaviour set out above is alleged to amount to gross misconduct and, if proven, would have justified her dismissal from the Metropolitan Police Service without notice."

Ms Smith resigned from the force during the investigation but hearings still go ahead to determine guilt and what, if any, sanction would have been imposed.


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