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EXCLUSIVE: 'don't f***ing move c**t' - gang robs cannabis farm then uploads shock footage to Insta

BRAZEN criminals appear to be recording crimes as they carry them out before uploading the footage to social media, Essex News and Investigations can reveal.

WARNING: Disturbing video above with naughty language which may shock some viewers:

The footage appears to show an aggravated burglary of a cannabis factory with a terrified "grower" being threatened by a gang of raiders. In a video, that the caption claims was filmed in London property, a gang of hooded young men with London accents can be seen searching through the property before they climb some stairs.

ABUSE: This scared man is threatened and abused in the video (@kuksjant_ne_londer/Instagram)

In shocking scenes, within seconds of the video starting, the men confront an older man who appears to be an in-house grower at the factory.  

Their faces cannot be seen but their voices can be clearly had as they carry out the apparent raid, terrifying the victim.

Illegal cannabis factories have been created by criminal gangs up and down the country in residential and industrial properties.

HOODED: One of the gang makes his way through the property (@kuksjant_ne_londer/Instagram)

They grow marijuana plants on an industrial scale using specialist lighting and heating equipment that is illegally rigged up to mains electricity.

Most have in-house "growers" to tend the plants who have often been trafficked in from overseas and are not paid as they are lulled into doing it to pay off their debt for getting into the country.

Burglaries by rival gangs are common place as once ready to harvest the crop can be worth tens of thousands of pounds and they cannot be reported to police, so violent confrontations have happened in the past if there are growers on site.

HAUL: The cannabis plant crop that the gang came to take (@kuksjant_ne_londer/Instagram)

In the video, the bare chested man shrieks and scrams and puts his face in his hands in apparent terror. One of the gang shouts at him "kidnap, kidnap," while another abuses him and shouts: "stay there, stay there, you silly little..don't f***ing move c***, I'll f***ing hurt you." The video then cuts to them proudly looking through some harvested crop in a bag and what appears to be a wheelie bin.

FEAR: Terrified gardener covers his face as he is threatened by gang (@kuksjant_ne_londer/Instagram)

Further footage shows them walking through fully grown crops. One gang member says "come on, 20 f***ing foot tree, big f***ing bud," while another says "it's like going through a f***ing forest mate."

FOREST: The group celebrate their success wading through plants (@kuksjant_ne_londer/Instagram)

In a separate video uploaded to Instagram it appears to show an open safe on its back on the ground at an outside unknown location, possibly at night. A hand in a back glove can be seen lifting bundles of £20 and £50 within the safe that appears to be filled with thousands of pounds in cash. There are also some Scottish notes.

WAD: A gloved hand rifles through notes in a seemingly stolen safe (Instagram)

Men speak with Irish accents, with one chuckling as he says: "The man had a great padlock together there." The video switches to another safe that appears to be inside. A gloved hand opens the door to the safe to show several boxes and some cash. A man with an Irish accent says: "what's happening boys?" They then start pulling out and opening boxes which are filled with jewellery. One of the men says: "Open them up, open them up. What's in these?"

We showed the videos to a retired Met Police detective who had specialised in investigating serious organised crime and he believed they were likely to be genuine crimes that were recorded. He said: "There is Nothing to say these are not genuine to me." He said the criminals were so brazen they would not care that the rival gang behind the cannabis factory or police could potentially identify them from their voices or clothes. He said: "They don’t care and are happy for the other side to know who they are because they are making a play to take over. "They’re not worried about the police and are bragging and stamping their claim I’d say." He said that criminals would privately share footage through Snapchat or private Instagram accounts, but was not aware of one making it onto an open forum before.

SEARCH: A gloved hand opens a safe before it is rifled with jewellery spilling out (Instagram)

Regarding the safe footage, he said: "They sound Irish on the safe video. I’d say they’ve nicked the safes and taken them somewhere safe to open them." We also provided the videos to the Met police and the National Crime agency (NCA).

Neither would say if they were aware of a trend for crime gangs uploading footage of crimes to social media, however, the Met has previously said its detectives gather intelligence by trawling social media sites used by gangs. The Met said it was unable to investigate the cannabis factory raid as it could not be possible to know if it actually happened in London. A spokesman said: "There isn’t sufficient detail for us to track these incidents down to see if they have actually taken place within our jurisdiction and therefore if they form part of any investigation. We would need a date and location." The retired detective said police were not interested in investigating criminals stealing from each other. He said: "Authorities are not concerned about rip offs unless someone ends up dead or seriously injured." However, he would have expected them to look at the safe footage seriously to see if either of them matched any that had been reported stolen.


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