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EXCLUSIVE: Anti-aging pharmacist wanted in US for money laundering agrees to extradition

A CANADIAN pharmacist wanted in the US to face money laundering and pharmaceutical crime charges has agreed to be extradited.

Akhane Thiphavong, 52, who specialises in anti-aging products, was arrested by the Met Police on an international arrest warrant and brought before Westminster Magistrate's Court on Saturday March 19 this year.

He did not consent to extradition and was initially remanded in custody due to his lack of community ties and the serious nature of the offences, but later given conditional bail after a £50,000 security was paid to the court.

Thiphavong, from St Leonard's Road, Windsor, Berkshire, who denies the offences, fought extradition for six months before consenting to be sent to the US on September 7.

He remains on conditional bail until he is sent.

Thiphavong has been a director of two British limited companies, UK Worldwide Service PTE, which was dissolved via a voluntary strike off in October 2018 and Panmedica Medical Distribution, which he resigned from in February 2017.

Both were based in Bromley, Kent.

At a second bail hearing on March 31, he was released on conditional bail after paying a £50,000 surety to the court.

He is under an electronically-monitored curfew between 8pm and 6am daily to live and sleep at his home address.

He must report to police each day and must not enter any international travel hubs or apply for any international travel documents, while keeping a designated mobile phone switched on and charged and on his person 24 hours a day.

Agreeing to extradition is not an admission of guilt and just means a requested person agrees to be sent to face any charges.

Extradition is now being arranged.

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