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ELECTRIC SCOOTER CRACKDOWN: Essex Police 'took my scooter without giving me any paperwork'

RIDERS of privately-owned electric scooter on public roads risk losing them after a crack down by Essex Police.

Privately bought electric scooters cannot be ridden on public roads and rented ones can only be used if certain criteria is met.

Despite this, several people have continued to use them, but now the force is stopping people and seizing them.

It came to light after an 18-year-old woman from Heybridge, who used one to get to Maldon Town Centre, had it seized in Bates Road, near The Causeway.

Her mum said: "Police stopped her and just demanded it off her. The officer, who refused to give his name or collar number, took her details and said she would be sent paperwork within 14 days so she could challenge the seizure, but nothing ever came through. When I phoned up the police station they said it had been sent to a scrapyard for destruction and there was nothing she could do about it.

"But they said the officer was a special constable and he should have given her paperwork there and then and there was no paper trail and he hadn't followed the proper procedure.

"I am making a complaint."

An Essex Police spokesman warned that anyone who rode a privately-owned electric scooter on public roads risked having it seized for destruction, as it is not currently possible to obtain insurance to ride them.

He said: "Officers in Maldon seized an illegal E-Scooter in The Causeway, Maldon, on 14 September 2023. This was part of an ongoing operation to respond to the illegal use of e-scooters and keep roads in Essex safe.  

"The scooter was then passed to the recovery operator, where they are usually held for 14 days before being destroyed. 

"During the interaction between the owner of the scooter and one of our officers, the owner was given incorrect guidance by being told that paperwork would be emailed to her while it should have been handed to her at the scene. 

"This error did not affect the outcome of whether the scooter was destroyed but has been noted for learning amongst our officers."

More information on laws surrouding privately-owned electric scooters can be found here.



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