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Cyclist suspected of class A drug possession caught riding on M3 motorway at 5am and refuses to stop

CYCLIST suspected of possessing class A drugs was arrested after he was stopped by police riding in the middle lane of a motorway. The rider was spotted in lane two of the M3 motorway near to junction 13 at Eastleigh, Hampshire, at 5am on Saturday. Hampshire Police said the suspect refused to stop for officers and even rode into the third lane before being forced to stop on the verge area. The force tweeted: “Called this morning at 0510hrs to reports of a cyclist cycling in Lane 2 on the M3 at Junction 13… they did not want to stop for us, continued into Lane 3 and eventually had to be forced onto the verge area where the rider was detained.

"Rider has been arrested for causing danger to road users and suspected possession of a class A substance.”

A picture released by the force showed four police cars involved in the stop.

Hamilton Hall tweeted: "Four police cars to stop and arrest one cyclist. Oh dear God."

Chris Biggs added: "So it takes four vehicles to stop one cyclist. What a waste of resources and tax payers money."


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