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Convicted paedophile who recruited children from Romanian humanitarian camps arrested in UK

A ROMANIAN national living in Newport is a convicted paedophile who is facing extradition to finish a sentence for sexually abusing children.

Robert Tiberiu Man, 42, (above) used his position as a driver for humanitarian groups, to access and sexually abuse children, according to the Romanian prosecution.

He was arrested on a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) from Romania last month (March 2022) to complete a sentence for sexual exploitation of children and child abuse images offences.

The 42-year-old from Brynhyfryd Road was initially remanded in custody at a Westminster Magistrates' Court hearing, but later released on unconditional bail after paying a £3,000 security deposit to the court.

He is under an electronically-monitored curfew at his home between 7am and 12pm and must not be in possession of any travel documents or go to any travel hubs after surrendering his passport to police.

It is understood that Man denies the offences, despite the convictions.

Romanian news reports said he was the owner of a transport company with a van (above) in Cluj, north west Romania when he arrested (below) on suspicion of child pornography, recruitment of underage sex workers and sex trafficking of minors offences in January 2016.

One report said it was alleged that for four years he had allegedly recruited several children aged eight to 16 with the consent of their parents after they were offered money and other benefits.

The minors were then allegedly taken to his house in Floreşti, Cluj County, where they were sexually abused and forced into child pornography production, it was reported.

In May 2017 it was reported that he was jailed for 17 years for the offences, however in the same report he complained that he had been fitted up and could not properly defend himself because he had used an insolvency lawyer.

He denied sexually abusing and trafficking minors, but did admit photographing children in showers at his home (above) with their parents' consent, due to a mental disorder, and therefore possessing child pornography images.

He appealed and the case went to a retrial, but Tiberiu Man left for the UK in 2019 before it concluded.

It was later reported in January 2020 that judges at Cluj Court sentenced him in his absence to five years in prison after he was found guilty of the offences committed between 2011 and 2015. The court heard he tried to meet a 12-year-old for sex he met over social media and minors were recruited by Tiberiu Man from camps organised by a humanitarian foundation, for which he was carrying out transport runs.

His sentence was increased by eight months in June 2021.

At Westminster Magistrate's Court his extradition case was adjourned to a later date.


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