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British GP arrested amid Indian claims he's leader of terrorist group involved in murder conspiracy

UK EXCLUSIVE: A BRITISH GP is facing extradition to India amid claims he is the leader of a terrorist organisation who has been living here under a different name.

An international arrest warrant from India alleges that County Durham family doctor Mukul Hazarika is responsible for conspiracy to murder and the preparation and instigation of an act of terrorism committed in India between 2004 and 2007 as chairman of the outlawed United Liberation Front of Assam Independent – the ULFA(I) .

The ULFA(I) was banned in India in 1990 when it cited it as a terrorist organisation.

The charge carries a maximum life term in prison.

It was described an armed separatist organisation operating in the Northeast Indian state of Assam that seeks to establish an independent sovereign nation state of Assam for the indigenous Assamese people.

India claims Dr Hazarika is actually called Abhijeet Asom.

Dr Hazarika, 75, from Elton in Cleveland, was arrested on the international warrant in July 2012 and is facing a full extradition hearing later this month.

He is listed as one of three doctors at the Queenstree Practice (above) in Billingham, County Durham, and its registered manager according to the Care Quality Commission.

According to the General Medical Council register, he qualified with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery from Gauhati University in Assam in 1970 and has been on the UK register since October 2005.

He denies any wrongdoing and was released on conditional bail, including that he must live under a daily electronic tag-monitored curfew at his home between 11pm and 4am when he can only venture as far as a wind turbine at the end of his garden.

His passport has been retained by police and he must keep his mobile phone charged and on 24 hours per day.

The GP must also not go to any international travel hubs or possess any international travel documents and has paid a £50,000 security to Westminster Magistrates' Court.

Dr Hazarika would not comment when approached, but referred us to his solicitor Anand Doobay, who said: "Dr Hazarika strenuously denies all allegations of criminal wrongdoing and he intends to contest them vigorously.

"As there are ongoing proceedings we are unable to provide any further comment.”

According to reports in India the ULFA(I) has denied tin 2015 he British doctor's involvement in the organisation.

In 2017 India claimed to have proven they were the same before launching extradition proceedings.

They also claim he has been interrogated by the British security services about his true identity since his arrest


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