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ANTHONY DODSON: Stabbed boxer 'is awake' as police chief praises cops who gave first aid at scene

A POLICE chief has praised the swift actions of three police officers following the stabbing of three men in Liverpool City in the early hours of Wednesday, 27 December.

It comes as a friend of victim Anthony Dodson, 21, has revealed that he is now awake and recovering.

Officers on patrol in the city centre spotted one of the victims, believed to be Anthony, at 5.17am on Victoria Street within minutes of the incident occurring and recognised that his injuries were potentially critical.

The fact they found him so quickly and were able to immediately call for an ambulance whilst carrying out CPR on the victim would prove crucial in helping to keep him stable until he got to hospital.

The three officers gave CPR to the victim until the ambulance arrived to take him to hospital.

Deputy Chief Constable Chris Green said: “This incident shows how important it is for our officers to be switched on and in the moment when they come across such a serious incident like this, as the decisions and actions taken can literally be the difference between life and death. The fact they found the victim so quickly whilst on patrol was crucial, and their quick assessment of the potential life threatening consequences for the young victim has been praised by medics. They say the officers undoubtedly contributed to ensuring this attack did not result in the loss a life of a fit young man, who had been enjoying a night out with friends. They were able to make sure he was as stable as was physically possible, and gave him a fighting chance for when he got to hospital where he would be given specialist care.

“Our officers often find themselves in life or death situations, they are not trained medics and they too can be impacted by the trauma of what they see and have to deal with, one of those involved in giving CPR to this young man has actually performed CPR on numerous occasions during his 10 year career as an officer. This is a huge responsibility for human being, but our officers just see it as being part of the their job to support and protect the communities they serve.

“I would like to praise the actions of these three officers as they are the epitome of what we expect of our officers here at Merseyside Police.”

On Thursday boxer Anthony Fowler posted on X a picture of Anthony boxing with the caption: "Ant is awake 🙏🏻 keep fighting lad everyone in the city behind you."

Anthony is the son of former pro boxer Tony Dodson.


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