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Anonymous source who says he 'arranged Essex Boys murders' in Sky documentary unmasked

AN ANONYMOUS source shown briefly in tonight's first episode of the Sky Rettendon Essex Murders documentary series has been unmasked before it airs.

The hooded figure is briefly shown in tonight's first episode to say he was involved in arranging the murders of Pat Tate, Tony Tucker and Craig Rolfe.

In the third episode, set to be shown in two weeks, there is more footage of him being interviewed in a hotel room when he suggests Jack Whomes and Michael Steele were wrongly convicted of their murders because he was involved in arranging the hit.

He said: “There was an armed robbery. The robbery is the key to it all really. It was a van full of cash, £495,000 got stolen.

"The whole thing was a balls up, if you like, because shortly after some of the robbers went splashing the money. It wasn’t long before everyone knew what happened.

“We got arrested and while we were in jail some of the money was given to Tony Tucker. It was given to him for safe-keeping.

“When we got out we asked for the money back but it wasn’t forthcoming and excuses were made, it’s tied up, this sort of thing, he couldn’t get it. Just b******t excuses really.

“By then he was drugged up, steroid upped, running around doing all sorts of business and in the end we knew it just wasn't coming back.

“He thought he was bigger than anyone. He thought there was nothing anyone could do. But he was wrong.

“A meeting was held and the problem solved.”

He went on to admit he paid the money to have them shot, adding: “I wasn’t bothered about the money, the money was irrelevant. It was the principal. Tucker was the target, the other two were collateral damage.”

He said he’d never been told who actually pulled the trigger and only knew it was done when he read about it later.

Former Met Police detectives Dave McKelvey and Albert Patrick, who have been reviewing the murders for more than three years, said in the documentary he should be arrested for conspiracy to murder to see if he is telling the truth.

However, it has emerged the source has since done other interviews for a separate documentary being made by Revelation Films and for Bernard O'Mahoney's YouTube channel One Truth, in which his identity is revealed.

Mr O'Mahoney was an associate of the murdered men and has written books and commented about the notorious crime for several years.

A tease for his interview with the source is due to be shown later tonight on YouTube.

The preview is entitled: "Essex-Boys. The Essex Murders. The Sky documentary witness unmasked. Full interview coming soon!!!"

The blurb states: "Forget a five minute story from a man hiding his face on Sky TV. Self confessed organiser of the Rettendon murders discards the disguise and tells his exclusive explosive story to Bernard O`Mahoney ...COMING SOON!!!"

The tease has not named the source but includes a picture of a man, known to Essex News and Investigations, who was convicted in connection with the armed robbery the anonymous source spoke of in the Sky documentary.

The man confirmed today to Essex News and Investigations he has taken part in an interview with Mr O'Mahoney and another one for the separate documentary about the murders being made by Revelation Films.

Check back for updates later tonight.


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