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Albanian bar owner wanted over cocaine supply in the venue is arrested in the UK

AN ALBANIAN bar owner, who allegedly allowed the premises to be used for drug supply, has been arrested in the UK on an international arrest warrant.

Arlond Gashi, 29, was running the Zio Nino Bar in Tirana, Albania, in 2015 when it was raided by police. The international arrest warrant states: "On or about August 30 2015, being the occupier or concerned in the management of any premises, namely the Zio Nino Bar Tirana, you knowingly permitted or suffered the supply or attempt to supply a controlled drug to another namely cocaine, to take place on those premises."

Gashi, of an unknown address, was brought before Westminster Magistrates' Court (above) for extradition proceedings to begin, and was remanded into custody after being refused bail.

A court record of the hearing said bail was refused because he was "likely to abscond" and due to the nature and seriousness of offence, the sentence he has to serve and his immigration status in the UK.

The case was adjourned.

A translated report from Albania at the time said "two people were arrested during an action for drugs, weapons and prostitution in nightclubs in Tirana.

"Police handcuffed 23-year-old Arlond Gashi, owner of a live music bar located on the secondary road Tirana-Kashar.

"In an environment adapted for the use of narcotics 23-year-old Aldi Mata, accused of drug distribution, ended up in handcuffs. The police accompanied the 26 girls who worked in this bar as ballerinas and singers."

Another translated report added: "All the girls were questioned and did not express any concerns or provide any information related to prostitution, Tirana police confirmed."


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