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EXCLUSIVE: Transgender former beautician admits attacks on woman and police officer on Oxford Street

A TRANSGENDER former beautician has admitted assaulting a woman and a police officer after being arested on Oxfrod Street on Thursday.

Paris Bregazzi, 32, (pictured above: PA) who was born male, but identifies as female, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court today where she pleaded guilty to assaulting Debbie Simpson in Oxford Street, London, on Thursday.

She also admitted to a racially aggravated assault on PC Ryan McKinlay in the same location on the same day.

GUILTY: Bregazzi today admitted to possession of the drug crystal meth (FRANK)

Bregazzi was arrested and taken to Charing Cross police stationwhere she was found to be in possession of the drug methylamphetamine - known as crystal meth.

She also pleaded guilty to the offession of possession of the class A drug today.

Bregazzi was described as both female and male in different entries on the court results, which aslo listed her as being of two addresses - the St Mungo's homeless hostel in Tottenham and an address in North Acton, west London.

NOT GUILTY: Bregazzi denies having knuckle duster clutch bag as an offensive weapon (Amazon - example)

She pleaded not guilty to a separate charge of possession of a knuckle duster clutch purse as an offensive weapon in Oxford Street on the same day.

She has also denied an assault charge in connections she assaulted Augusta Wiche by beatimng at Applegreen petrol station in Camberwell Road, Camberwell, south London.

The cases were adjourned for trials later this month.

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