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EXCLUSIVE: Twisted Yorkshire Ripper branded Moors Murderer Ian Brady a psychopath in prison letter

TWISTED serial murderer the Yorkshire Ripper ironically branded sick child killer Ian Brady a "psychopath" in a letter to a prison pen pal exclusively obtained by Essex News and Investigations.

In a handwritten scrawling written before Brady's death, Peter Sutcliffe, 73, (pictured above) branded the late Brady a psychopath and slammed him for failing to reveal the location of the body of one of his victims Keith Bennett to spare his mother the misery of never knowing where he was buried.

The killers met while both locked up in the high-security Broadmoor Mental Health Hospital.

Sutcliffe, who changed his surname to Coonan, his mother's maiden name, died on Friday, aged 74, from coronavirus.

He spent his final years denying being a psychopath despite butchering 13 women across Yorkshire and Manchester between 1975 and 1980 and attacking several more.

The HGV driver was a frequent user of prostitutes, many of who were his victims, incapacitated with a hammer blow to the head before frenzied knife mutilations.

In May 1981, Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to murder seven others at the Old Bailey, receiving 20 life sentences.

MURDERED: The 13 women killed by Sutcliffe, who claims not to be a psychopath, in a news cutting

The High Court extended this to a whole life tariff in July 2010, meaning he would never have been released.

He was jailed in Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight in 1981, but sectioned under the Mental Health Act in March 1984 and transferred to Broadmoor Mental Hospital.

Before his trial, Sutcliffe had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but the judge still allowed him to stand trial.

He was deemed mentally fit to be released from Broadmoor in 2016 and was incarcerated at HMP Frankland in County Durham ever since.

EVIL: Sutcliffe as he looks now

Sutcliffe often moaned about not being let out and claimed he should be freed, because he was "ill" when he carried out the attacks and was later "cured."

Despite having one of the country's highest body count's, Sutcliffe insisted he was not a psychopath, and was mentally ill at the time, killing prostitutes on a "mission" for God after hearing voices in his head.

Sutcliffe sneered about Brady in the letter to a prison pen pal in 2012, in which he also admitted that serial killers are allowed to watch documentaries about their sickening acts while inside.

PSYCHOPATH: Part of Sutcliffe's letter mentioning Brady (EN&I)

He wrote: "I watched that programme on Ian Brady last Monday.

"He seems to actually enjoy people’s suffering!

"But then that’s the trademark of a psychopath."

He then talked about the killer's refusal to reveal the location of the body of Keith Bennett.

He added: "He knew poor Winnie was on her deathbed and if he did know where her son was buried he

could have let her know before it was too late!"

Brady, who died aged 79 in 2017 and Myra Hindley, who died aged 60 in 2002, killed five children aged between 10 and 17 between July 1963 and October 1965 in and around Manchester.

SICK: Moors Murderers Ian Brady (left) and Myra Hindley (Police images)

Dubbed the "Moors Murderers," at least four of the victims were sexually abused and tortured with the bodies buried on Saddleworth Moor

Three of the bodies were found on the moors, but not that of Keith, 12.

The pair were arrested while the body of their last victim, Edward Evans, 17, was still in their house.

Keith's mother Winnie fought tirelessly to find out where her son was buried until she died in August 2012 aged 78.

Brady was diagnoses as a psychopath in 1985.

The Moors murders shocked a 1960s Britain for their brutality and involvement of a couple carrying out the crimes.

Yet, Brady was sneeringly dismissive of the horrific crimes, claiming Governments and despots who waged wars were far worse, In an unconnected letter to another prison pen pal in late 2000.

MISSING: The body of Keith Bennett, 12, was never found

He also accused the public of whipping up hatred against him and said he would trust Sutcliffe more than Idi Amin, the ident of Uganda from 1971 to 1979. who was known as the "Butcher of Uganda," due to the amount of killings he ordered and he was considered one of the cruellest despots in world history.

He wrote: "You told a friend you had written to me. Bad idea – I’m their prize demon. They have to make the most of the few criminals they have in this paltry little country.

"Amazing that after 36 years of drooling over the case they want more. Can’t get enough, giving an interesting insight into the suppressed English psyche. "They like nothing better than to have a good juicy sex murder propped on the sauce bottle as they devour their ham and eggs in the morning.

"Gives them an appetite in all sorts of ways. The more detailed the better. Then in guilt they compensate by ranting against the criminal. The louder, the more guilty."

Shockingly, Brady went on to try to justify his crimes.

He added: "Criminals perform a public service by supplying a general scapegoat to load all sins on. Cathartic lightning conductors. They love to

hate me for that reason. If they met me without knowing who I was they would notice nothing extraordinary. The evil is in their minds. Everyone, from cradle to grave, is a mixture of good and evil, it just suits the conformity of the majority to pose as absolutely good and innocent."

ARROGANT: Part of Brady's sneering letter with killer's signature (EN&I)

Brady went onto say war leaders were worse than him and Hindley.

He added: "It is the respectable, decent, honest people who cyclically perpetrate slaughter on a global scale, even compiling league tables (WW1, WW2, etc).

"Over 50 million were killed in WW2 – how many centuries of independent murder would it take to equal that figure reached in six

short years?

"Look around the globe at present, at the political and religious fanatics exterminating one another by bullet, bomb and shell every night on your TV screen

as you eat tea – Serbia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, etc - ask yourself would you rather meet me or one of that lot.

"The world is a joke, a slaughterhouse of devout madmen, who feel superior only to the petty criminal who serves all as a whipping boy.

"I’d trust Charles Manson more than Jack Straw, Nielsen more than Nixon, Sutcliffe more than Idi Amin!

"While all the UK press is hyping the Sarah (Payne) murder, the UK/US blockade is causing the deaths of 500 children weekly in Iraq from starvation by their

blockade nobody’s calling for Blair or Clinton to be put on trial."

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