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EXCLUSIVE: Wanted Bulgarian factory worker from Leicester arrested at work over 'Polish prostitu

HEARING: Bulgarian David Kechedzhiev is sought in Poland over alleged prostitution offences (Polish police)

A FACTORY worker is facing extradition to Poland amid allegations he was involved in arranging prostitution in the eastern European country.

David Kechedzhiev, 28, from Narborough Road, Leicester, was held on a European arrest warrant at work on Thursday morning.

The Bulgarian national is wanted by police in Gdańsk, Poland, amid claims he was involved in pimping and forced prostitution.

Westminster Magistrates' Court heard on Friday he is wanted over four counts of involvement in prostitution, including one count concerning forced prostitution.

WANTED: Details about Kechedzhiev on Polish Police website

A Polish police wanted poster online, translated into English, says he is sought on the basis of: "Urging another person to engage in prostitution or facilitating it - in order to achieve financial gain (pimping); bringing another person through violence, unlawful threat, deception or using a relationship of dependence or a critical position to practice prostitution (forced prostitution)."

He also faces two charges in connection with alleged fake driving licences.

Kechedzhiev did not consent to extradition at the hearing and applied for bail, which was opposed by Jonathan Swain, representing Poland.

Mr Swain argued they were serious offences and there were substantial grounds to believe he would abscond if he were freed from custody.

However, Robert Katz, representing Kechedzhiev, said the fact he has a two month-old daughter with his wife, who was in the public gallery, means he would not flee.

BAIL: Sketch of Kechedzhiev in the dock at court on Friday (Jon Austin)

Mr Katz said: "There is a presumption of bail. The first three offences suggest his role was quite minor, as a driver and dropping them off, the fourth is less clear.

"He works long shifts in a factory, where he has been nine months, and he is the sole breadwinner for the family.

"I am not aware of any convictions here or overseas so can be treated as a man of good character."

He said there was a £3,000 security available to the court.

Mr Katz said Kechedzhiev would be appealing on human rights grounds and the fact "he was not clear what he was involved in in relation to driving people."

He may be eligible for legal aid.

District Judge granted bail provided the money was paid, and that Kechedzhiev surrenders' his identity papers.

he is on a tagged home curfew from 11pm to 1am and must keep his mobile phone charged and switched on at all times.

He must not enter any international travel hubs or apply for any travel documents.

The case was adjourned.

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