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EXCLUSIVE: Mystery of 'network of friends' who Parole Board claims will 'help stop'w

SICK: McGreavy (right) on previous day release and in his police mugshot from the time

TWISTED child killer David McGreavy has a "network of friends" who will help prevent him reoffending following his release, the Parole Board claims.

McGreavy, who brutally murdered three small children was released from jail after 45 years last week, to the horror of the victims' mother.

He was dubbed the Monster of Worcester after then impaling his victims on railings and leaving them to die, just because one would not stop crying.

McGreavy, 67, beat to death Samantha Urry, nine months, slit the throat of sister Dawn, two, and strangled brother Paul, four, in 1973, when he babysat them as a lodger of their parents.

HAPPY: Elsie Urry with her children before McGreavy struck

Despite the sickening crimes, the Parole Board claimed he was fit for release, with the support network of unknown individuals one of the key reasons.

A Parole Board summary of why he was deemed fit for release said as McGreavy spent so much time in isolation, for his own protection, he was prevented from taking courses deigned to address his offending behaviour. It added that the risks of committing more crimes he faces include "alcoholic consumption, violent fantasies, desire for revenge or retaliation, build-up of anger, isolation from support, coping with media intrusion, lack of self-worth poor decision making." However, it said the consensus among professionals was that McGreavy now takes full responsibility for the slayings and understands why he did it.

MONSTER: David McGreavy during his triple murder trial (PA)

The summary said: "The evidence presented clearly showed that over the 45 years in custody, the prisoner has changed considerably. He has developed self-control, as well as a considerable understanding of the problems that he has had and what caused them. "The psychologist identified a number of factors which make it less likely that Mr McGreavy will reoffend in future. "These included his improved self-control and the fact that Mr McGreavy has learnt to remain calm in stressful situations. "He has also shown himself to be compliant and co-operative with authority, which suggests that he will comply with licence conditions. A network of supportive friends in the community was also identified as a protective factor."

SHOCK: Elsie Urry says McGreavy should not be released (BBC)

The children's mother, Elsie Urry, 68, spoke of her shock after learning McGreavy has a "network of friends" near where he will live.

She has been fighting for more than 13 years to try to prevent his release.

She has even said she would like to kill him herself and hopes a vigilante takes him out. Mrs Urry, now of Andover, said: "I got told nothing about why he was released. How can he have any friends after what he did and after being in prison so long? "I just hope someone finds him and gives him what he deserves."

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