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EXCLUSIVE: Met Police retirement do and Golf trip 'who's who' of corrupt detectives and criminals'

TOP DRAWER: David Hunt (left), John Palmer (middle) and Terry Adams of the Adams Family (PA)

A RETIREMENT lunch for a senior Met Police detective, and an annual golf trip to the US run by another, were like "who's whos" of corrupt officers working for top criminals, including the Adams gang, according to a secret intelligence report.

The Operation Tiberius report, which looked at organised criminals being aided by corrupt serving and former officers, said the latter were a major threat to the force.

Operation Tiberius identified a network of corrupt serving and former detectives who were helping eight identified crime syndicates in north and north east London.

These included the notorious Adams family, run by Terry Adams, another gang headed by Brinks Mat criminal John Palmer, and another said to be run by property tycoon David Hunt, who a High Court judge branded the boss of an organised crime syndicate during a libel claim he lost against The Sunday Times newspaper in 2013.

The report described how former detectives had been found to act as "conduits" between the crime gangs by getting intelligence on investigations underway into them from serving officers, who they often sought to corrupt at networking events and gyms like the Met Police sports club at Chigwell in Essex.

NETWORK: Corruptors tried to recruit new officers at the Met Police sports club, Chigwell (

Operation Tiberius states: "These former officers are a very saleable commodity and... can service more than one syndicate.

"They have what the criminals want, direct and attributable access to serving officers who have access to intelligence and MPS databases."

Tiberius was published internally in 2002.

It was carried out after a series of investigations, including at least four murders, were compromised.

The report lay dormant until 2014 when it was leaked to the Independent newspaper.

Tiberius described the retirement do of one detective chief inspector, whose name we have changed to DCI Bungle for legal reasons, in August 2001 as being of major concern.

It was monitored by anti-corruption intelligence officers as a result.

It said: "The best example of corrupt former officers networking together is former (DCI Bungle's) retirement lunch.

"IDG staff monitored this event and identified the following corrupt former officers as being present:

•Former (PS Zippy) - (Syndicate A)

•Former (DCI George) (Syndicate B)

•Former (DS Geoffrey) - (Adams Family)

•Former (DS Rod) - (David Hunt Syndicate)

The report added: "All these former officers were personally invited to the lunch by (DCI Bungle).

However, it added that what made "the guest list of the lunch more sinister" was that, until his retirement, DCI Bungle had controlled all the police informants in one Met Police area.

It added: "One of those informants had identified to his handler, (DS Rod), that former (DCI George) was corrupt, knowing this (Bungle) still invited him to the lunch."

Tiberius said that "the bulk of those attending the lunch" were never identified.

It added: "As can be seen the role of former officers is significant and sometimes underestimated, these conduits however pose as serious a threat to the MPS as the

organised crime syndicates they serve."

Tiberius found DS Rod was suspected as a main source of information to the Hunt syndicate.

It added: "Since his recent retirement he will undoubtedly maintain links with serving officers, changing from the corrupted officer role to that of a conduit.

"(DC Jane) remains a serving officer and will be one of those with whom (Rod) remains in contact.

"It should be noted that (Rod) also runs an annual golf trip to the United States, the membership of this trip reads like a 'who's who' of both serving and former corrupt nominals, providing further opportunity for networking."

Bungle was investigated in connection with both the Adams gang and Hunt syndicate before his retirement.

A former DS we are calling DS Freddy left before Bungle did and set up a private detective agency that was linked to both the John Palmer and David Hunt syndicates.

He had previously handled an informant, we are calling Sooty, who was part of the Palmer gang and also worked for former DS Freddy's PI firm.

Tiberius said: "(DS Rod) retired from the MPS in August 2001, but is known to have extensive contacts throughout the MPS, National Crime Squad and other law enforcement agencies.

"(Rod) is well networked with core nominals and was present at (Bungle's) retirement lunch with many of them.

"It is suspected by the Tiberius team that (Rod) will probably seek employment with (DS Freddy), thus perpetuating his links with (Sooty) and other corrupt nominals, known to (DS Freddy).

Tiberius said former PS Zippy was known for corrupting other officers.

The report said: "Another example of (Zippy's) network is the recent retirement lunch of (DCI Bungle).

(Bungle) himself has long been considered corrupt, and has associations with active core nominals.

"The lunch was attended by a number of both serving and retired officers, and was seen as an ideal environment for (Zippy) to network as a 'corruptor'."

Some former Met Police detectives have told this website that a series of recommendations in Tiberius to clean up the force and stamp out the crime gangs was never carried out and the report was simply buried.

The Met refuses to publicly discuss Tiberius, saying 'by its very nature' it is a secret report.

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