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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Extradition request to UK for mystery Irish drug dealing suspect being shrouded in

TOP SECRET: No one can attend the 'in chambers' hearings concerning the suspect

AN Extradition request from Ireland to the UK for a suspected drug trafficker is being shrouded in secrecy.

The 29-year-old man, whose name cannot be disclosed, was arrested by the National Crime Agency (NCA), often referred to as the UK's FBI, following a European Arrest Warrant from the Irish Republic.

Known only as Mr AS, his address has also been withheld by the court.

A Westminster Magistrates' Court hearing was held in chambers when the case was adjourned until later this year.

The man was remanded on conditional bail.

He must not leave or attempt to leave England or Wales and must live and sleep each night at an address known to the NCA.

BRITISH FBI: The NCA is keeping tabs on the Irish suspect who has been bailed

He must also report to police officers designated by the NCA each Monday and Friday.

He must not apply for or have in his possession any international travel documents and a £2,000 surety has been taken by the court.

All further hearings will be held in private.

No further details of the case can be reported.

The court has refused to say why the case is being dealt with in secret.

We contacted the Irish Garda (police) to ask if it was happy about the secrecy surrounding the case, but it has yet to respond.

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