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EXCLUSIVE: Terry Adams finance probe gets adjourned - AGAIN

ADJOURNED: Terry Adams was due to have a finance probe this week

A PROBE into the finances of former gang boss Terry Adams has failed to take place for a second time in the space of two weeks.

Adams, 64, was due in court on Tuesday for a hearing to determine his income and wealth after he failed to pay prosecution court costs of £46,258 from a 2007 money laundering trial.

Adams and younger brother Michael Adams, 53, are facing separate financial probes into their assets.

ARRESTED: Michael Adams gets his collar felt (left), right, a stylish Terry Adams leaving court

The pair could lose hundreds of thousands of pounds between them as the criminal justice system probes their affairs.

Both were key players in the north London Adams crime family, also known as the Clerkenwell crime syndicate or A-Team, which has been suspected by police of links to 25 gangland murders, crimes such as extortion and drug dealing and police corruption.

Terry Adams, seen as the head of the family, was due to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court on Tuesday, but the court was told lawyers were again no longer available and it was adjourned until the new year.

The case was supposed to be hear at Hendon Magistrates Court last Wednesday.

However, the CPS applied a day earlier for the case to be adjourned until Tuesday due to its barrister being unavailable.

Meanwhile, Michael "Micky" Adams faces the first hearing of a proceeds of crime confiscation case against him later this month.

It comes after he was jailed for 38 months in June after he admitted tax evasion over eight years from 2006.

He was receiving cash of at least £48,000 a year, but tax returns supplied to HMRC claimed he got as little as £18,607 annually.

Freezing orders against cash confiscated during the investigation were obtained at Westminster Magistrates Court.

Prosecutors estimate HMRC could have been cheated by £402,000 and £568,000, but his defence argued it would be considerably less

The case will look at assets, including the £700,000 Finchley home he owns through a mortgage with the Bank of Scotland.

Terry Adams' was jailed for seven years in 2007 following a £10 million police surveillance probe that was aided by MI5 and involved bugging his home.

He has already paid back £720,000 of criminal earnings, but the court costs remain outstanding.

GANG: (Left to right) Michael, Patrick and Tommy Adams in police mugshots

Police seized £500,000 of antiques during the investigation and Adams senior had to sell his £1.6 million mansion in Mill Hill, north London, after the prosecution.

Since his release from jail his name has been linked to rented home.

The current address held by the court for him is a flat in a stylish converted town house near Russell Square.

Another brother, Tommy Adams, 60, was jailed for seven years last year for money laundering.

And a fourth, Patrick "Patsy" Adams, 62, was jailed for nine years in 2016 for the attempted murder of associate Paul Tiernan, 54, in 2013.

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