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EXCLUSIVE: Instagram takes down Hellbanianz accounts 'which glorify drugs and crime'

FINGERS: Vinz flashes bling with an element of contempt

SOCIAL media giant Instagram has shut down or removed content from a series of accounts linked to an Albanian gang that was flaunting the proceeds of drug dealing online.

This month the Sunday Express revealed how the self-styled Hellbanianz, based in east London, were posting images of sports cars, guns, drugs and bundles of cash, while some illegally took shots from inside prison on mobile phones..

Instagram said it had since taken down the main Hellbanianz account and a number of connected ones, including that of the gang's assumed leader known as Vinz.

BLING: Helbanianz jewellery and watch surrounded by apparent skunk weed

A Instagram spokeswoman said: "We do not allow illegal behaviour, threats of physical harm or organised crime on Instagram.

"Our policies also state that Instagram is not a place to support or praise gang activity or organised crime, and serious threats to public or personal safety are not allowed.

"The account @hellbanianz and related accounts have been removed for violating our community guidelines.

"We encourage anyone who comes across this type of content to report it via our in-app tools."

Although the main account remain down last night, that attributed to Vinz was back up after a spell offline.

In the posts he can be seen raising in a middle finger with a wad of £50 notes and champagne in a sports car.

He also appears to spoke a huge cannabis joint and there is an expensive watch draped over what appears to be skunk marijuana.

The Hellbanianz - largely based in Barking, Essex - are one of several gangs with links to the mafia in their homeland who deal directly with South American drug cartels.

They are said to be behind a spike in the purity of cocaine coming into Britain and the

ESTATE: Vinz struts his stuff in Barking, east London

National Crime Agency believes Albanian gangsters' ability to import huge amounts of cocaine has led to the surplus that saw the so-called "county lines" phenomenon develop.

Many of the gang members are the children of Albanians who came to the UK as asylum seekers from the north of the Balkan country in the late 1990s.

I GOT MONEY: Vinz chills with champers and cash in sports car

Embracing gangster rap, they shamelessly flaunt the spoils of their crimes in photos and videos on social media sites.

The Hellbanianz, who also make Albanian rap music glorifying drugs and violence under the same name, have shot videos showing guns on tables with boxes of ammunition, surrounded by cash.

Their motto is We Are God Of The Streets.

Instagram said following a review the Vinz HB account was shut down again.

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